KPK Zindabad! Pakistan Paindabad 🙂 Alhamdulillah: As per our committment, our 2nd task has been completed in the form of well organized and fair election at KPk. Dr. Abid Minhas sb, you have done wonderful job as Chief Election Commissioner inspite of the fact that your sister’s mother-in-law was not feeling well but you and your team fullfilled the committment with BODs and community. I congratulate winning panel ( young active panel) and equal appreciation to united panel. Dr Asif Ali Khan and Dr Rafiq Ahmad, you are the real heroes of KPK as huge turn out of voters was not possible without you and your team members. Being Chairman, BODs, i on the behalf of all BODs, endorse the result declared by chief election commissioner. I am extremely thankful to all respected BODs and fedral cabinet along with senior physical therapists of KPK and FATA for their unity, trust and cooperation for PPTA. Baluchistan and KPK have made sure to make PPTA the only representative association of whole country. We are also considering issues of FATA, Gilgit and Baltistan in our upcoming meeting of BODs very soon. Now our 3rd and 4th tasks are to hold elections in Punjab and Sindh within 45 days followed by Fedral elections In sha Allah.

Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad


PPTA Pakistan

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