Pakistan Physical Therapy Association (PPTA) is a national association working for the promotion of the Physical Therapy Profession in Pakistan. The association’s main focus is to facilitate the health Ministry for the formation of the licensing and regulatory authority that will help to set standards for the education, clinical practice, job creation and service structure in different settings in the country. The Proposed draft has been submitted to the health Ministry and PPTA members along with other active physical therapists in the country facilitating the health officials for the establishment of the council. I believe that a strong association can play a vital role for the promotion of the profession, so it is my humble request to all the practicing physical therapists to strengthen this organization by becoming member. I believe that together we can make a difference, our voices will be heard, our problems will be solved and our profession will be promoted. PPTA is playing the role of as advisory body to make recommendations to the regulatory authorities to promote quality and evidence based practice of physical therapy in the country. Through this forum you will be getting the new insights and development in the profession. PPTA also give you recognition as physical therapist worldwide through the forum of World confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT).Lets Join PPTA for your bright future and better care of your patients/Clients.

Dr. Mohammad Bin Afsar Jan, PT